We make more than license plates!

Colorado Auto Sales is part of the Division of Correctional Industries, dba Juniper Valley Products. The Division is a cash-funded entity, with enterprise status, that employs inmates at thirteen Department of Corrections facilities located throughout the state of Colorado.? Earnings are generated from the sale of goods and services produced by inmates to cover operating costs.

Inmates are offered training and work opportunities in a variety of occupational areas where they acquire marketable skills, knowledge, and work-ethic related abilities. Opportunities range from caring for calves and wild horses in the agriculture sector to lay out, cad designing, manufacturing, and installing panel systems in the manufacturing area.

The primary mission of Correctional Industries, is to:? reduce inmate idleness and the demand for general-funded programs by working as many inmates as possible in self-supporting and productive industries; train them in meaningful skills, work ethics, and quality standards which better enable them to secure long-term employment after release from prison; and finally, operate in a business-like manner so that enough revenues are realized each year to meet the on-going needs of the Division.